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Bikini waxing

Bikini waxing is a procedure to remove unwanted hair, performed using various methods. In our salon, we will remove the hair in your bikini area using different types of waxes. Bikini waxing is the most popular procedure among women clients of Beauty salon in Toronto.
Compared to other cosmetic procedures for hair removal, bikini waxing provides the most lasting effect. It is suitable for removal of hair of all types and varying toughness.


The Benefits of Brazilian Waxing

There are a number of benefits associated with Brazilian Waxing. It gives you a perfectly hair-free look when you wear your bikini, Speedo, briefs, or lingerie. It is fast, safe, and efficient Hair grows back sparser and finer with each treatment and regrowth can take up to several weeks. It has no bothersome side effects like shaving has – no stubbles, no ingrown hairs, no skin irritation, no nicks or cuts Our almost painless Brazilian wax services The first time you come in for a Brazilian wax treatment, you may find it somewhat uncomfortable. However, the good news is that the more you do it, the easier it gets, and the less discomfort you will feel. Men may feel a little more pain because the skin around male genitals is looser and more sensitive. However, our professional estheticians are whizzes at making your discomfort as minimal as possible. Because of their expertise, they can complete the entire process from beginning to end in 15 minutes or less!



Don’t let muscle tension or pain stress you out. Try one of our 45 min. relaxing and healing massages to knead away your daily cares. Tetyana's Beauty offers a number of different massages to suit your needs.

Scientific reports note that massage is a valuable treatment for releasing built-up muscle tension and for breaking the cycle of physical and emotional stress that is a by-product of our busy lives. After one of our massages, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and renewed, with a wonderful sense of well-being.

Our massage therapists will consult with you to determine the very best massage for your particular situation.

Schedule your appointment for a healing and invigorating massage now at our convenient location.


Legs waxing

Legs waxing is one of the most common procedures in our salon. This procedure most often uses hot wax. It warms up the skin and opens the pores, so the pain is much reduced. That’s why hot wax is used even for the bikini zone. In fact, legs waxing with hot wax is a painless process.  The main advantage of waxing is that it ensures skin smoothness for several weeks.  We use fresh wooden spatulas for every dip and we strongly support no double dipping policy. Your skins safety is our top priority.




Tetyana's Beauty offers award-winning professional facials at wonderfully affordable prices. We specialize in a number of affordable anti-aging treatments, as well in facials that cleanse and restore the skin.

We believe facials play a very important part in your overall daily skin care. Facials can work wonders on any skin type to give your face a lustrous, smoother and more youthful appearance.

Our professional skin care specialists will discuss your skin type, listen to your concerns, and help determine which facial is best for you.

About Our Waxing Salon

Beauty Salon Toronto has been providing much needed waxing treatments for woman and man and spa services for more then 15 years.

Your beauty therapist takes the time to get to know your skin and understand the treatments that will suit you best, in a trusting and friendly environment.


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